Wiss EZ Utility Snip (WEZSNIP)

The Wiss EZ Utility Snip is one of the best scissor/shear-style cutting implements I’ve used. It opens just about any type of packaging like a hot knife through butter. It can also be used to cut off pesky cable ties. My favorite application for this tool is opening blister pack or plastic clamshell packaging. If you’re not sure what I mean, think about when you purchase something and it is sandwiched between two sheets of plastic and heat sealed together, making it impossible to open. Yeah, that. The first tool that comes to mind when tasked with opening one of those evil packages that like to cut your hands while you struggle with opening it, is a pair of common office scissors. I know from experience that scissors are a bad choice. They make the process much worse. Another option is a utility knife, but those can be dangerous. 

A safe and easy way to open those packages is to use the Wiss EZ Utility Snip! Again, they cut through almost any packaging material very easily. They can cut thicker materials than scissors and are more durable. I have yet to come across something they can’t cut! They can also be used to cut zip ties very easily. There is even a notch for cutting cables! Aside from the wonderful cutting ability, it has very comfortable plastic handles with a rubber grip. The handles make it very comfortable and easy to cut thicker items. Scissors tend to hurt my hands when I cut thicker items, which makes sense since they are intended to cut paper and other thinner items. So, leave the paper cutting to your scissors and get a pair of  Wiss EZ Utility Snip shears for everything else! If you’d like to pick one up, click the link to the left to support our site and purchase through Amazon.